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How to Use Google My Business to Generate Leads

Every time a product or service is needed, Google will be the first place where a user will search for that service, Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day, and 1 out of every 5 searches is local.

Google My Business is a free tool to manage online presence of a business, It has become the most important website to list a place or business because It not only lets customers find a business easily, but also it has many features to engage with customers across google search and maps.

Google and Google maps is perhaps the most used application on mobile phones, This has made Google My Business the most important business directory, It really makes it easy for a customer to find a business online, getting its contact details or directions, see opening hours etc. It also lets the users contribute information about a place or business, users can add photos, write reviews and add any other missing information about a business or place. That is the reason google has more reviews for any place then any other website.

Google My Business had made it easy for customers to connect with a business. It also has the potential to be really helpful for businesses also, If you have a business and run out of leads, google is the best place to search for business and get their contact information, since all businesses have a Google My Business profile. It has become the number one source to get business-to-business leads. No matter what type of businesses you are targeting, your potential client can be found on google.

Now the problem is that when you want to get a list of businesses in an easy to use format from google, It can be a tedious job if you do it manually, opening each business and copy pasting the information. This problem has been resolved by Google Maps Scraping software, that lets you search for local businesses on google maps and export it to excel. It not only extracts data from google maps but also extracts more information from the associated website, like email address, social media links etc. This feature has made this software stand out in the competition.

So are you looking for B2B leads? All your B2B contact needs will be fulfilled with this simple application (Google Maps Crawler).

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