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How to use older version of chrome browser with Botsol Crawler Application

Botsol's Crawler application on windows uses the chrome browser to automate tasks, chrome browser updates frequently and some times there can be problems with the newly launched version of chrome browser. 

Botsol also has the feature to use the older versions of chrome browser, The old version of chrome will only be used by the botsol app, your normal chrome installation will not be affected.

Let's see how you can do this. 


  • Download the chrome portable zipped file from here

  • Unzip the downloaded file.

  • Run the botsol crawler application, select any crawler from the list and click >Help>Advanced Options, Advanced options window will appear.

  • In advanced options window, check the "Use Chrome Portable" check box, click browser and select the chrome.exe file from the extracted folder (GoogleChromePortableAppAndDriver\Chrome-bin\chrome.exe), click Save button that is inside the "Chrome Portable" box.
  • In "Chrome Driver " box, click Browse button and select the folder named "GoogleChromePortableAppAndDriver\chrome_driver_75.0.3770.140" in the extracted folder, click Update button inside the "Chrome Driver" box.
  • In the "Clear Chrome Data" box, click Delete button, and restart the app.
  • Now It will always use this older chrome browser regardless of your current installed version of chrome.


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