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Difference between Botsol's "Google Business Profile Scraper" & "Google Maps Crawler"

We recently launched "Google Business Profile Scraper", which is very similar to our old and good "Google Maps Crawler". 

When you download and install the botsol crawler app, you will get the free versions of both the crawlers, they will show in the list with title "Google Maps Crawler Free" and "Google Business Scraper Free"

Many customers wanted to know the difference between these two crawler's free and paid versions, Let's find out what the differences are between these two crawlers. 
1: How the search is performed. 
"Google Maps Crawler" performs the search on this page "
"Google Business Profile Scraper" performs the search on this page ""
Although both the crawlers will extract data from local businesses, the way they work is different and there can be a difference in the results they get, you can try any search term manually on both the pages mentioned above and see the difference. 
2: What data they extract
The data fields they extract also have differences, you can see a complete list of data fields each crawler extracts on corresponding pages, however most of the data is the same and both extract contact details like phone, address, website, email and social media links.
You can also download the sample csv output file for each crawler on their pages.
3: Number of results per search term
Recently google maps has limited the number of results shown for a search term, it's now about 120, earlier it used to be about 400. That's why the old "Google Maps Crawler" is now extracting a maximum of 120 results per search. 
However the way "Google Business Profile Scraper" performs the search, it can get up to 400 results per search. 
So if you want to get more results per search, you need to try the new scraper. 
4: Difference in using these two crawlers
There is not much difference in using them, they both work almost the same, the interface etc is the same. You also get the same feature like automatic search (when search terms are written in a text file) with the new scraper also. 
5: Pricing
There is no difference in pricing, both offer a free version and have the same pricing plans with the same validity of 6 months.
Which one is good for me?
We have explained how these two crawlers work and it's up to you to decide which one is good for you, we highly recommend that you use the free versions of each crawler to know about how they work, You should also download the sample output files and compare them.
If you have any questions, you can contact us here 

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